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Natal Chart interpretation

Natal Chart interpretation

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This is a computer generated analysis of your birth chart. It shorter and less detailed than the extended version, but still detailed and insightful.

 Please include the following:

1. Name

2. Date of birth (please write out month)

3. Exact time of birth

4. Location of birth (country and nearest city/town)

**Please double check to ensure all details are correct!

Astrology Reading Birth Chart Report. In-Depth Natal Chart Analysis + Chart Wheel. High Quality & Detailed. (Digital PDF download).

Detailed and in-depth birth chart reading/Natal Chart Reading of your past, present and future. It will be an in depth reading all about you! A Birth Chart reading is a great gift idea for friends and family or for yourself!


What is a Birth Chart/Natal Chart?

This is a map of where all the planets were while revolving around the Sun at the exact time you came into this world. This chart can help reveal your strengths & weaknesses, your opportunities for growth and so much more. The goal of any Astrologer is to paint a picture, and it's through this natal analysis I can help do this for you.

It can reveal your strengths, weaknesses, the lesson you learn in life, and the reason you are the way you are. The analysis will provide you with an incredibly detailed insight into each part of your Natal chart.


What does this Reading include?

- Analysis + Major Life Periods Analysis, Major Transits, Planet Positions, Ascendants & Houses

-  Birth Chart Wheel

- Chart + Analysis is usually 20+ pages

- I will e-mail it to you within 2-3 business days in PDF format


This astrology birth report reading is a complete, detailed, highly insightful and personalized astrology report, filled with insights and interpretations of all facets of you and your life!

This is an invaluable reading you will keep for life.

This is a fantastic gift to yourself, or for anyone seeking deeper self-awareness & life-guidance.



* Natal Birth Chart Wheel.

* Birth Chart Reading Analysis, plus Planetary Aspects, Major Life Periods, Ascendant, Houses, & Much More!



Your Rising sign

Chart Data: Your Planet Signs and Houses Table

Planet Aspects

* Sun and Moon

* Inner Planets: Mercury & Venus

* External Planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

* Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune & Pluto


Your 12 Houses

* First House: Appearance, Approach

* Second House: Possessions, Reactions

* Third House: Inquiries, Communications

* Fourth House: Home, Family, Security

* Fifth House: Expression, Creativity

* Sixth House: Responsibility, Work, Health

* Seventh House: Relationships, Other People

* Eighth House: Business Savvy, Elimination

* Ninth House: Religions, Philosophy, Ideas

* Tenth House: Practical Vision, Vocation

* Eleventh House: Dreams & Visions, Community

* Twelfth House: Sacrifice, Psychology, Acceptance

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