Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

From now until September 15, Mercury is stationed Retrograde in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of details, devotion, and the patterns.

During this retrograde period, you might find that some details were recently overlooked and you now have a chance to go back over them and smooth things out.

Most people assume that the world works in a logical, linear, and somewhat predictable way - but that’s not always the case. Expecting that on any given day, everything will go as planned actually helps perpetuate this illusion. During this time frame, these assumptions are severely compromised. The “regular,” logical flow of events may appear to be disrupted.

As a result of this energy, the world won’t operate in the way you expect. Communication can feel frustrating now, what seemed objective becomes subjective; left-brain becomes right-brain; and connections will be missed - both with people and with technology and machines. Schedules, rules, routines, plans, messages, or emails - anything requiring rational functioning or communication - might not work as they usually do.

There can be a silver lining to any disruption you’re experiencing. Perhaps you notice that what once seemed important to get exactly right now seems like busywork, or that perfectionism or losing yourself in the details is actually draining your energy.

These energies may not affect everyone the same way, but if you know what’s happening, you can set intentions or take advantage of these energies - and not feel overwhelmed if things feel out of control.

The intention of this influence is to get you - and others around you - to expand or even reinvent your thinking, perceiving, and communicating. This time is also about building a connection to nature and spirituality. Sometimes life is about getting outside and communing with the universe, rather than being stuck in your head or fixating on practical matters.

This is a powerful reminder of the importance of tapping into your integrity and sense of ritual - communication doesn’t always have to follow protocol or be transactional. There’s value in taking a step outside of your routine and having a new perspective.

Ideally, you take this opportunity to discover ways of speaking and communicating that go beyond being precise and getting things right all of the time. If things don’t go as expected right now, try to appreciate that you’re being given some extra space to observe. You may discover that things work just fine even if they’re done differently.

These disruptions and confusions can be annoying, but if you’re able to overlook them, this time frame can offer special possibilities. See this moment as an opportunity to move past linear thinking and let your mind go, beyond conventional wisdom and expectations. This can be a great few weeks for inner work, meditation, and reflection. Often, artistic endeavors or anything that uses your right brain or intuition can really thrive.

Ideally, you can use this time to tap into your integrity and deep sense of what is meaningful - before you speak out. That way, you can be sure that your words sit right with you and have the full impact you desire.

Remember that even plans that require reason can succeed, with a little patience - and the realization that others around you are probably a little unclear and inconsistent as well. But without taking these hiccups into account, you could easily experience confusion, frustration, and exasperation during this time.

The purpose of this cycle is to alter any assumptions that life will always proceed logically. Along with the rest of humanity, you’re being given an experience where your perception, cognition, and communication are being altered. It’s also a good opportunity to let go of any strong attachment or stubbornness you might have around what’s “normal” in terms of your everyday routines and habits.


In any case, this isn’t an ideal time to launch an ambitious or significant project, like buying a home or planning a major event like a wedding or a surgical procedure. Don’t worry if you can’t avoid it - just be open to the possibility that everything may not proceed as smoothly as you’d like.

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