January 1 hasn’t always been New Year’s Day and isn’t the first day of the year in all cultures. In the past, the start of the New Year has taken place at an equinox or at the winter solstice. Other dates have been March 25 and April 1. The vernal equinox marks a time of transition and new beginnings, and so cultural celebrations of a new year were natural for that equinox. Chinese New Year begins with the new moon that occurs sometime between January 21 and February 20 according to Western calendars. Festivities last until the following full moon. The Lunar New Year begins the year of the wood Dragon on February 10, 2024.

This year, Saturn spends the full year in the sign of Pisces. Pluto is still transitioning between Capricorn and Aquarius this year, but will stay in Aquarius consistently from November 19th forward. Jupiter divides its time between the signs of Taurus and Gemini. Uranus continues its transit of Earth sign Taurus all year. Eclipses this year continue in the signs of Aries and Libra, although will begin to affect the Virgo-Pisces axis.

2024 is a Universal Year 8. In numerology, the Universal Year 8 is associated with success, achievement, and material abundance. The number 8 is the only number associated with the material realm, making it a crucial year for manifestation and financial abundance. This year is about stepping into your authority, claiming your space, and embracing the leadership role in your life's narrative. Financial gains, career accomplishments, and personal victories are all within reach this year. 

January 11 is the first magical portal day of the year, a time when individuals are encouraged to actively engage with their intentions and desires. Such dates enhance one's ability to manifest by tapping into the unique vibrational energy present. On such days, the energy peaks at specific times, such as 1:11 AM/PM and 11:11 AM/PM, further amplifying the potential for manifestation.

The 1-11 portal on January 11 is a significant spiritual and numerological event, associated with the "111" angel number. It's one of the luckiest days for manifestations. The alignment of numbers on this date creates a special energy conducive to setting intentions and manifesting desires. This portal is a gateway to positive energy and new beginnings

The power of aligning with the vibrational energy can lead to significant life changes and the realization of personal goals. The day is not just a chance for manifestation, but a period of heightened spiritual and emotional clarity, offering a unique opportunity to reflect, set intentions, and direct energy towards desired outcomes.

Join me on my Facebook page, 1111 Beginnings, and sister group, 1111 Beginnings. I will be sending out healing reiki energy to all who wish to receive it on 1-11-2024 at 1:11 pm CST. Join my Facebook event to set your intention.

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