11:11 Portal on November 11th

11:11 Portal on November 11th

The 11.11 portal is a time of ascension, transformation, and choice. What makes this special day and special number so powerful? In physical form, the shape of 11 forms a doorway, a passage through, a gateway to something different - to something more. A new era of creation is on the other side inviting us to walk through. This is what we call, The Portal of Transformation. 

November 11th holds significance beyond the mystical in many parts of the world, most notably as Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day or Veterans Day, marking the end of World War I in 1918. At the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, the guns fell silent on the Western Front, bringing to an end the hostilities of the Great War. This day is now commemorated in many countries to honor those who have served and lost their lives in military conflicts. The somber remembrance is often symbolized by the wearing of red poppies and includes ceremonies at war memorials, moments of silence, and reflection on the cost of war and the value of peace.

Symbolically, the number 1 represents new beginnings – a time when we start over and pave a new path, empowered with choice and intention.  Place the number 1 next to itself and you get 11. Eleven is known as a "master number", a symbol of blessings, faith, and enlightenment. It is the alignment of the double 1's that brings power to our senses, activating our innate ability to see, sense, and know what is best for ourselves.

 When we see 11:11, it invites us to notice the invitation to uplift ourselves out of the minutia and into the realm of the possible. Are your guides talking to you? Are your ancestors sending you a sign? Are you in need of a reminder of connection, a reminder that everything is going to be alright? These are all potential meanings that are helpful to entertain when the gift of 11:11 finds us. 

 The 11:11 coding is known as the language of the signs - the way the formless can get our intention in the form. Sightings of 11:11 often snap us out of our third dimensional thinking into a higher state of connection - reacquainting ourselves with our ancestors, angels, ascended masters and soul guides. When we notice the synchronicity of 11:11, our senses expand into higher dimensions beyond our physical reality. We are invited into a state of expansion beyond our intellectual cocoons and escorted into a mystery of connection – to our intuition, our six sense, and to the all that is.

 1111 also represents balance and seeing it asks us to bring harmony to whatever may feel at odds. It may look like we are living in a polarized world of dark and light,  left and right, blue and red, right and wrong, love and fear, head and heart. Yet, these elements beg for union and ask equally of justice, fairness, equity, and equality so we can work without resistance and usher in an evolutionary path of harmony,  balance, and peace. 

As we bring our attention to this 11:11 portal, we are being called to rise above what appears to be contentious, at odds, and in competition. We are being asked to make a shift from separation consciousness to unity consciousness – a state of awareness where our rights vs. wrongs, the haves vs. have nots, the strong vs. weak, the competition vs. cooperation paradigms give way to connection and oneness. A place and way of being where we really see each other underneath our cloaks, our armor, our beliefs and behavior. Where we can see each other as one human being, side by side, co-creating and experiencing this journey of life, together. 

 In order to create this potentiality, we have to turn within. The change we seek must happen inside of us. If we seek harmony, we must be harmony. If we seek peace, we must bring it. It is the only way to create the sustainable change we want.  It is possible and we are that powerful. 

If you choose to seize the invitation at hand, join us in stepping through the portal of transformation with choice and intention.  Know you are ready. You are ready to see. You are ready to listen. You are ready to choose. You are ready to be.

11.11 Portal of Transformation Exercise:

  1. Write down your intentions for this new beginning:
    • What do you really want for yourself?
    • What do you really want for your relationships?
    • What do you really want to create in your career?
    • What do you really want for your country?
    • What do you really want for your planet?
  2. Ask yourself, what can I do to bring this intention into being?
    • Notice how you show up in your conversations.
    • Notice how you actualize your wanting by modeling what you seek to be.
    • Notice the signs - the 11:11's, 12:12's, 2:22, 3:33, and 4:44's that will be finding you. They've always been there waiting to get your attention. 
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